Top Use For Electric Cars in 2020

Waiting for Curb-Side Library Books

When most automotive journalists do a review of electric cars, they focus on topics like range, zero to sixty times, and charging times. While those things are interesting and easy to discuss because they have metrics associated with them, they are missing out on how real people will actually use cars.

I am currently driving my second electric car and it is my opinion that they have improved to the point that discussions about range and speed are now meaningless. Most modern electric cars have plenty of range for normal driving, and most people charge their cars at home. In the city, you almost never get to drive quickly, and electric cars are as fast or faster than any gas car. The result is that none of those range and speed metrics matter for day to day driving.

In 2020, with the COVID-19 and the increase in curb-side delivery and drive-throughs, I find that I frequently use my electric car to wait for things. I wait for groceries, retail purchases, drive-in movies, ferry boats, pizza, take-out, and even library books from my son’s grade school. What is the big deal? Gas cars need to have the engine running to make heat or power the A/C, but not electric cars. How many times have you left a gas engine idling to warm up or cool down the car? You are burning gas to stay comfortable, and making smog while you do it. Some places, like the Washington Stage Ferry, require you to turn off your gas car while you wait, but electric cars are no problem because they do not create fumes.

I went to a drive-in movie and the electric car had a clear advantage over the gas cars. There was a double-feature, and it was the summertime. I was able to sit in my car with climate control on and listen to the movie over the car’s radio for more than four hours with no issue. The drive-in staff had jumper cables and spare batteries to help all of the gas cars that could not start after sitting with their radios on for that long, but my car drove home without issue. I have performed some experiments with my Tesla and I estimate that I could keep the climate control on for at least 2 days before the battery drained to twenty percent and the car shut the HVAC down to save power. Each car will vary depending on the ambient temperature and the battery size, but the point is that you can run the heater or air conditioner while you wait for your groceries without worry.

Whatever electric car you have, they are happy to sit there using a tiny amount of battery to run the climate control while someone in a mask brings you things. With curbside delivery the new normal, an electric car is pretty handy and very comfortable. Lots of new models are coming out next year, too, so there is more choice available. Honestly, little creature comforts like this are what will make owners of electric cars refuse to go back to gas cars.

If you want your own Tesla, here is my referal link that will give is both a few miles of Supercharging.




I’m a Dad, a Project Manager, and a Seattle resident.

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Tod Bookless

Tod Bookless

I’m a Dad, a Project Manager, and a Seattle resident.

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